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Brekky on a Bun                9

Your choice poached or scrambled egg on a toasted Brioche Bun with smoked peppered bacon and sharp white/cheddar cheese

Jibe Breakfast Burrito     9

Egg, potatoes, cheese, bacon, onions, roasted red bell pepper, olives, green chilis with a chili lime taco seasoning mix and an avocado lime sour cream spread rolled in a lightly toasted tortilla

Simple Burrito                 6

Our Jibe Breakfast Burrito without bacon or olive mixture.
Add Olive Mixture   2

Avocado Toast               9

Fresh avocado on toasted sourdough bread with lemon zest, salt
and a sprinkle of chili flakes

Egg Bite*                  3.50

Egg, bacon, cheese, sour cream, green onion, and seasonings baked in a quick and easy bite sized breakfast!
*gluten free


Bacon         3
2 Eggs     2.50
1 Egg      1.25
Avocado       3
Extra Cheese  2


Jibe Soups*

Cup 5.50 Bowl 6.50
Smokey Lentil, Vegetarian Chili, and Mary’s Stuffed Bell Pepper with choice of toppings
Add a slice of toasted sourdough bread for $1!
*Available frozen $7 / $14

Grab’n’Go Sandwiches 6

In-house made chicken, egg, or tuna salad on whole wheat bread ready to go
Add a bag of chips for $1.50!

The Jibe Sack 11.50

Choice of sandwich, chips, soda and a cookie

Grilled Cheese 6

White and yellow sharp cheddar cheese on toasted sourdough bread

Tuna Melt 9

Our own tuna salad toasted on sourdough bread with yellow/white sharp cheddar cheese
Ask About Gluten Free and Vegan Options


Size     8oz     12oz     16oz

Drip     3     3.25     3.75
Americano     4     4.25     4.50
Latte     5     5.50     6.00
Cappuccino     4.50     4.75     5.25
Mocha     6     6.25     6.75
White Mocha     6     6.25     6.75
Cold Brew          4.50     5.50
Doppio     3.50
Macchiato     3.50
Cortado     4.00
Con Panna     3.75

Chai Latte      5     5.25     5.75
London Fog     4     4.25     5.50


Alternative milk 1.00
Soy, oat, almond, coconut or hemp
Espresso (1 or 2 shots) 1.50
Flavor (Three Pumps) .75


Black Teas

Seattle Breakfast, Clockwork Orange, Masala Chai, Earl Grey

Green Teas

Pinhead Gunpowder

Herbal Teas

Bioluminescence, Tisane Detox